Mission Statement

Mission Statement

 We align design, creativity, and inspiration with a network of seasoned professionals to deliver one-of-a-kind events.


Oceana Blue Productions has earned industry respect by contributing innovative production ideas and themes, and by staffing events with experts, talented artists and designers, musicians, models, actors and spokespersons.  Oceana Blue Productions annual contributes to international events such New York Fashion Week, Chinese Designers shows, IMTA (international Model & Talent Competition) and SIUF.  To learn more about these events please navigate to the Fashion and Events sections.


Consulate-General  of China in San Francisco
Portland Art Mususem
Hainan Airline
ICN international TV Station
The Benson Hotel of Portland Oregon
Chinese Friendship Association of Portland
Confucius Institute
Antop outdoor
Emmert International
Sheng International
Galaxy Fashion
Gui Pei – fashion designer brand
Fabitoria -fashion brand
CC  – fashion design brand
Legend- fashion brand
DengHao- fashion designer brands
Nancy VUU
The Simpsons
Smart Secret
Cashmere Song
Xie HaiPing
Bruce Lee
Angel Designer
Harvard Univeristy Clothing Brand
EDI media