The Getter

About the movie THE GETTER – George P. Saunders

Log: When a 9 year old child prodigy is kidnapped from the uber-wealthy Chinese Ambassador and his wife, and held hostage by international human traffickers, MOE CADILLAC, head of Protective Services, Inc. is hired to track down the bad guys, retrieve WEE LING … and dispose of the criminals any way he sees fit. Comparative films: Taken and Man on Fire.

*  * *

Wee Ling is a 9 year old precocious kid with a kind heart, a talent for the violin and a quick wit. She is the daughter to Ambassador Raymond Lo, a powerful man in his own country and that of the United States of America.  She has the best of American Secret Service and Chinese Security protecting both Wee Ling and her family, but it is not enough to keep a small coterie of human traffickers called The Handservants of Matrimony to kill all security on the Lo compound and kidnap the little girl while her parents are at a state dinner.

Notified of the kidnapping, Ambassador Lo and his wife, Lilly, wait in agonized silence for some kind of demand or message. They discover what happened exactly because Wing Lee, while playing her violin, was recording her progress – and when the gunmen entered and began shooting, she recorded the following message on her tape:  “Mom, Dad … some bad people are here in the house and there is a lot of shooting. My cell phone is in the other room with my computer. I hope you play back this tape. I heard one man call out a name: MAJOR LOGAN. I hope this helps if they find me. I love you!”

And that is it.

The NSA, CIA and FBI promise the Ambassador that Wee Ling will be found, come hell or high water. But the Ambassador’s close friend, John Styles, former special forces colonel, says that it might be wise to also bring in a specialist. Someone who is used to finding people who are “Taken.” John Styles refers to The Getter – Moe Cadillac.

Enter Moe Cadillac, tough, former special forces out of Fort Bragg, as tough as they come. Styles tells Cadillac what the job is and that the pay is outstanding. But Cadillac takes the job because like John Walsh in “Wanted”, his own daughter was kidnapped, raped and killed twenty years earlier. It is why he started his paramilitary entity, Protective Services.

He starts by studying Wee Ling, home videos, little selfie interviews, etc. He comes to know his mission objective, seeing in her something of his own dead daughter. Wee Ling, meantime, his held in a facility with zero contact with anyone, except another young woman, aged 14, who is terrified of her captors. The incredibly courageous Wee Ling tries to comfort her as their captors move them from location to location, oftentimes blindfolded.

Also by tracking down one disgruntled former special forces colonel, Logan, the ostensible head of the hostage-takers, Cadillac begins through a series of systematic investigations, to track down Logan and his odious clan.

Cadillac is successful and finds Wee Ling. Now, both child and the Getter, must ‘get the hell out of Dodge’ and find their way home without both being killed. It’s not an easy partnership, as Wee Ling is terribly smart and opinionated, and Cadillac is ill-tempered.

And it’s anyone’s guess if it will be Cadillac and Wee who kill one another – or the bad guys killing them!

Oceana Blue – Actress, Singer, Model, Spokesperson

Oceana Blue is a 10 year old Chinese movie star, model and pop signer. Oceana was lead actress in two Chinese movies and is the leading female in the upcoming movie “The Getter”, also starring Tom Sizemore. She is a spokesperson and model for the American jewelry line O’Pearl Brands. Oceana has won numerous awards for her modeling career and her song “Free flying” was successfully sold in China.

Sully Erna – Musician, Actor, Writer, Producer

Sully Erna, best known as singer and main songwriter of acclaimed rock band Godsmack was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts.  He has been a musician since the tender age of 3 years old, where he began his musical journey as a drummer.  Already a proven commodity as the frontman of one of today’s most powerful rock bands, Erna is also a successful producer, actor, and multi-instrumentalist, and has reaped a myriad of accolades, including several industry records such as:
  • 18 Million Albums World Wide
  • 3rd consecutive #1 debut album on the Billboard 200 charts
    • Faceless (2003)
    • Godsmack IV (2006)
    • The Oracle (2010)
  • 21-Top 10 singles – More than any other band in Active Rock history!!
  • Seven #1 Songs, including the smash hit “I Stand Alone” that stood at #1 for 17 weeks straight.
  • Billboard Music Award.  “Rock Artist of the Year”
  • EMMY in 2005 for Best Sports Show on NESN with Charlie Moore the Mad Fisherman.
  • Four Grammy Nominations.  
  • Soundtracks – The Expendables (Sylvester Stallone) , Any Given Sunday (Al Pacino), Scorpion King (Dwane Johnson), The One (Jet Li), Etc…
2007 Sully was cast for the FX series “Dirt” starring Cortney Cox for the role of Mark, a small time junkie.
2013 Sully played a role in the new Eric Bross film “Goliath” as the prison assassin Paul Wade.
2013 Sully landed his first lead role in the indy horror “Army Of The Damned”, where he played a small town cop overlooking his Dads legacy.
2014 Sully was cast for a role in “Bleed For This”, about 5 time world champion Vinnie Paz. Starring Miles Teller, Katie Segal and Aaron Eckheart, by Executive Producer, Martin Scorsese
2014 Sully was cast for “Street Level”, starring various cast from Sons Of Anarchy”, Including Danny Trejo, Drea DeMatao, David Labrava, Emilio Rivera
2015 Sully was cast as a lead detective in the movie, “The Getter”, starring Tom Sizemore.

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