SIUF International Model Competition

China and USA Competitions

Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair is a trade show for over 1000 international undergarment brands.  
SIUF International Model Competition is an annual international undergarment model competition held in 
Shenzhen, China.  The competition is the highlight event of the five day fair.  Before the fair, Oceana Blue organizes U.S. model competitions to select the winners to model and compete in the SIUF finals in Shenzhen, China.

In May 2015, Oceana Blue brought twelve models for the final three-day competition.  The models where in China for fourteen days.  During the first week the models trained, were in photo shoots and were interviewed for Chinese television.
  Among the contestants from the U.S. were the first runner up of
 the television show America’s Next Top Model and the winner of the the popular Project Runway show.

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