About Us

Oceana Blue Productions

Oceana Blue Productions is a fashion and event production company specializing in event theme and concept design, staffing and production management.


Kerry Yu, Founder

Kerry Yu has  30 years of fashion experience as an international model and fashion show producer. in the 90s she has won numerous modeling awards in Canadian Modeling Competition.  She has produced fashion shows and events for many fashion brands including Ports International, Italian brand Liola,  The Simpsons,  O’Pearl Brands, Smart Secret, Sesame Street, Cashmere Song, D’Marsh, Harvard Brand, Off White and she has been involved in productions for Chinese top designers such as Guo Pei, Deng Hao and Xie Hai Ping,  QiGang, CiCi  and etc.
Kerry Yu is a director of International Modeling and Talent Association.  In this position, she preps models and other talents for yearly competitions in L.A. and New York.